Startup Expansion

Arriving in new countries is a complex process that requires a special analysis. That is why we have developed a customized service to strategically advise startups at each stage of internalization.
This process includes from the viability study, the definition of the most convenient legal structure, the tax planning and the development of the new society, until the landing by creating a legal and fiscal valid structure ready to operate in the destination country.

We provide a Controller or CFO on Demand to supervise, advise and guide each stage of landing in new countries.


Intelligent integration
we plan the international tax and legal strategy.

we work with validated suppliers who really mind the needs and times of startups.

Efficient investments
we access to better service prices.

Exclusive only contact
we provide advice on legal, accounting, tax and financial matters through an International Service Manager.

we adapt the administrative and financial structure according to the changes and the evolution of the new businesses globally.

We offer our international network of suppliers, organizations and professionals to boost your business.

Viability analysis

Assesing of the costs, deadlines and obligations that the company must assume in the new destinations.

Legal advising

  • Constitution of the local society
  • Registration of foreign shareholders
  • Legal representation
  • Shares transfer

Tax advising

  • Analysis of tax costs
  • Fiscal obligations
  • Tax Planning
  • Transfer Pricing

Labor advising

  • Hiring costs
  • Social security obligations


Advice for the constitution and first steps of the company

Legal advice

  • Constitution of the Local Society
  • Registration of foreign shareholders
  • Legal representation
  • Shares transfer
  • Trademarks and patent registration
  • Drafting of powers
  • Migrations and visas

Administrative advice

  • Office rent
  • Opening of Bank Account
  • Legal, Tax and Postal Address
  • Correspondence and calls

Tax advice

  • TAX ID
  • Impositive inscriptions
  • Enabling to bill

Labor advice

  • Staff search and hiring
  • Payroll
  • Employee registration

Accounting advice

  • Counseling and implementation of Accounting Management System
  • Account plan

Ongoing Service

Advising, planning and support on the formal, legal, accounting and tax obligations that the company must comply with to guarantee its correct operation in new countries.


  • Registration of the company operations in Accounting Management System
  • Monthly reporting to the Head Office


  • Audited finantial statements
  • Certifications
  • M&A

Fiscal compliance

  • Presentation of the Annual and Monthly Fiscal Obligations
  • Tax Planning
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Due Diligence
  • Expatriates tax consultancy
  • Tax benefits for startups

Legal advice

  • Contract review
  • Counseling in the resolution of corporate and commercial conflicts

Labor advice

  • Salary Liquidations and Receipt Issuance

Administrative advice

  • Billing management
  • Charges and payments management
  • Issuance of withholding certificates
  • Follow-up on banking issues

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