Legal services

Legal advice with a comprehensive view of the business

Corporate law

We help you decide which is the best legal figure to develop your company or venture.

  • Selection of corporate structure
  • Constitution of Commercial Companies
  • Constitution of Civil Associations
  • Book rubric
  • Transformation, Mergers, Splits, Partial Dissolution and acquisitions of companies
  • Procedures to present to the General Inspection of Justice and the Provincial Office of Legal Entities
  • Dissolution, renewal, liquidation and regularization of any type of company
  • Capital increase and statute reforms
  • Foreign companies, advice and establishment of subsidiaries
  • Corporate conflicts solutions
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Share syndication agreements
  • Stock purchase and sale options
  • Due diligence processes

Corporate law

Legal advice on general business, tax and accounting issues.

Agricultural business

Negotiation of agrarian contracts: rural leasing, sharecropping, sowing pools, etc.

Labor law and social security
  • Labor Planning
  • Hiring
  • Conciliation
  • Labor conflicts (conciliatory stage)
  • Due Diligence – Contingency analysis
  • Collective Right
  • Trade union negotiation

Administrative law and tax litigation

Advising on actions to present to the different competent administrative offices (AFIP, Provincial Revenue Directorates, Municipalities, Tax Court and National and Provincial jurisdictional).

Startups and IT companies

We know the needs of companies that have global projection and the specific demands in each stage of growth and scalability.

  • Partners Agreement
  • Conformation of the national and international corporate structure
  • Drafting of capitalization instruments

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